🔸 Please Breathe: Breath is Kinetic


at YOGA SOUP (28 PARKER WAY SANTA BARBARA, California 93101)

Please Breathe Thursday Evening Breathwork Series



In this breathwork class you’ll be encouraged to move and explore the sensations and intuitions of the body. Through this freedom you can shake loose the places which might have accumulated stagnation in your psychic, emotional and physical selves.

Breathwork is a potent gateway and ally into self awareness. This practice often includes acute physical sensations, as well as somatic release and psychedelic visualization that wane and surge with the breath itself. Often breathers will also notice intense emotions, physical sensations or memories that will surface when we get deeper into the practice. In our class we will engage with our emotional and kinetic responses as a means to explore the inner landscape through the breath. This kind of physical engagement helps to ground the energy that builds in the body and allows free flow of circulation to places that may feel stuck. As we traverse the pathways that open up to us, we come into contact with our own healing. I look forward to breathing with you.

Sonya (she/her) has been intertwined with wellness practices for more than a decade. She works to serve people in their pursuit of wellness through body based practices, such as breathwork and hands on therapeutic touch.