Cameron Pratto

A Yogi, Master MovNat Instructor, Parkour Expert and Handstand Aficionado, Cameron has been teaching for 25+ years. Cameron has done a bit of everything! Team sports, extreme sports, modeling, acting, yoga, spok...

Playful Handstands


at YOGA SOUP (28 PARKER WAY SANTA BARBARA, California 93101)

Playful Handstands
With Cameron Pratto

If you don’t have a handstand yet, you’ll still have fun.

This workshop-style movement class offers a holistic approach to handstands taking all systems into consideration. Although the ultimate goal is to be able to hold a free-standing handstand, the focus shifts along a cross disciplinary exchange of movement patterns in pursuit of being as physically diverse and mentally flexible as possible.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Warm up with learning how to juggle and playing other object/partner games.
  • Twist, bend, crawl and articulate your body in fun and unconventional ways.
  • Learn techniques for optimal wrist health, balance and coordination.
  • Work on the fear of falling, fall prevention and injury prevention if you fall.
  • Explore scalable progressions and shapes using the wall and others for support.
  • Those that don’t need the wall will be challenged with new shapes and goals.
  • Experience a creative block of open training where you get time to put it all together.
  • Cool down with a mobility and mindfulness routine similar to a yoga class.

Express your punctuality! Please plan to arrive early enough to be ready to start on time. 
Late participants will not be admitted.