(CANCELED) Oceanview Vinyasa


Mitsuko Newlan

Kundalini Yoga is a practice to support breaking through barriers within yourself. This practice can give your more energy, enhance deeper sleep and the elimination mental fog when you wake up. It has the additio...
A chance to plug into nature, connect to your body and breath, anchor yourself into the present moment, and feel deeply revitalized. This class is playful and accessible to every skill level so you can feel met exactly where you are. We will move, sweat, breathe and have some fun in a beautiful location near the Santa Barbara coast.

This class is at Shoreline Park West (located on Shoreline Drive), beyond the West parking lot. Please note that park classes may be cancelled if the weather is cold or wet. If you sign up on a foggy or rainy day, please check the online schedule before you leave home to make sure class is happening.

For a map of the location at Shoreline, please see our website.