Myth and Movement: Creative Activation


Saturday, June 18


$44 Pre-Sale / $47 Same Day

Nourish your creative spirit and welcome the Summer Solstice! In this workshop, we will explore embodied storytelling through 5Rhythms dance, intuitive movement, stillness, and free-flowing imagination, with many options for accessing archetypal themes and characters through the body on an individual path of self-expression.

We will begin with a guided 5Rhythms dance practice, no choreography, simply an invitation to try on different qualities of movement and to sense your body and the rhythms at your own pace. Next, a retelling of the ancient Greek story of Arachne, the artist who challenges the goddess Athena to a weaving contest, and courageously expresses her creative authenticity, even in the face of the goddess’ wrath. Then adding myth & movement together, we will revisit the core stages of the story. Through visualisation, intuitive movement, and journaling prompts, this process will allow you to explore the myth through your individual interpretation, and integrate the lessons you derive from it.

This is a space where the imagination can roam freely to locate story and character in the body/heart/mind continuum. No movement/5Rhythms experience needed. Just bring yourself, a yoga mat, a journal, and your curiosity.

Emily Chow-Kambitsch is a mythologist and poet-storyteller with ceaseless curiosity about storytelling, Greco-Roman myth, and artifacts, personal and ancestral. She recently returned to her roots in Santa Barbara after eight years in the UK, where she completed graduate degrees in Classics. She has taught ancient Mediterranean languages, literature, history, and archaeology at UC Santa Barbara and University College London, and is currently teaching mythology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Having completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yoga Soup, and recent storytelling and movement workshops with Punchdrunk Enrichment, she is interested in exploring relationships between the body, movement, and speech as mythography.

KiaOra Fox is an embodiment specialist, certified in 5Rhythms®, Reset Hypnotherapy, Hatha Yoga and Pilates; she has been teaching for over 18years. With everything KiaOra offers, the thread is learning to accept and release any physical, emotional or mental pains, integrating wholeness and well being through authentic and prescribed movements, making the act of sensing oneself fun, educational and enlivening.
The 5Rhythms is an awareness practice, a cathartic form of dance for all the bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Gabrielle Roth, a modern day shaman who created The 5Rhythms said, “Dance is my Medicine.” The beauty of this practice is that it is accessible to anyone! There are no choreographed moves to perform or level of ability required. Wherever and however you show up, the practice takes place. Kiaora Fox’s life inspiration is to nurture community by helping deepen human connections to body and spirit.