Heartwork: Living Life Fully with Mindfulness and Compassion


Radhule Weininger

Radhule bio 2021   Radhule Weininger, Ph.D., clinical psychologist in private practice, founder of the non-profit Mindful Heart Programs, and teacher of deep mindfulness and compassion practices and Buddhist psyc...
Monday Nights 7.00-8.15 pm
Deep Mindfulness, Great Compassion and Profound Trust
With Radhule Weininger, Ph.D.

This class teaches how we can practice mindfulness and compassion grounded in the field of spacious, knowing and benevolent awareness. In the sphere that is within and around us, we can deepen our mindfulness practice effortlessly. Then our heartfulness and love is rooted the field of benevolence and interconnectedness that is already there, everywhere. With this experience our care can come from a place that is greater than our individual self, and our experience of being mindful arises from limitless presence. Then we come from a place of receptivity and openness and our trust in life can have deep roots. From this deeper ground, the canape’ of our branches is wide and strong, preparing us to contribute to life and to the healing of our world in much more effective ways. The class uses Radhule’s book “Heartwork: The Path of Self-compassion” (Shambala), and her forthcoming book “Heart Medicine: How to Stop Painful Patterns and Find Peace and Freedom-at Last” (Shambala).
Wednesday Nights 7-8.30 pm
Living Fully with Mindfulness and Compassion
With Radhule Weininger, PhD and Japanese Zen Master Souken Danjo
In this class, guided by Radhule and Danjo San, introduces mindfulness, with compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, Tong Len and other heart awareness practices. Radhule, coming from a Theravadin and Tibetan background and Danjo San, a Rinsai Zen teacher, teach together how to live life fully and joyfully especially in trying times. Each evening, Danjo San will give a brief talk followed by community sharing.