Sascha Liebowitz

Sascha Liebowitz is a longtime yoga practitioner on and off the mat. Her class is designed to help people notice their own patterns of thought, movement, and vibration, and slowly move in the direction of more he...

Gateway Yoga


at YOGA SOUP (28 PARKER WAY SANTA BARBARA, California 93101)

Donation Based Class

This 20-minute class is designed for people who want to cultivate a more satisfying relationship with their body/mind. Each class will offer a focused, workshop-style lesson on one or two poses, as well as warm up for the next Yoga Soup class or whatever your day has in store.

Appropriate for new, returning, and longtime yogis who wish to be held and supported in exploring what provides nourishing pleasurable challenge for themselves. Together, we strengthen our skillfulness at finding ease, power, and comfort while we upgrade our approach to honored shapes.

Recommended: follow this class with 8:30am Yoga Soup in same location