Floorwork & Handstands


Cameron Pratto

An initiated student of Kriya Yoga under the guidance of Swami Vidyadhishananda Giri, who is a highly ordained Himalayan Vedic Monk and Meditation Master hailing from a saintly lineage of gurus thousands of years...
Already having a handstand is not required to join this class, but if you can already hold a handstand you'll be offered unique variations to diversify your practice. From hollow bodies to bananas, bent legs or straight legs, remaining still or walking around, a handstand is a handstand. Learn and improve shapes on the ground, against the wall and upside down.

Please do not enter this class late. We suggest planning to arrive as early as needed so that you can be ready at the class start time. This particular class follows an ethos of "We start together. We finish together." Thank you for understanding and adapting.