Fascia Floss • Level 1/2


Kaita Mrazek

On my personal path, I have trained in many movement modalities to bolster my ability to help you celebrate the gift of having a human form. I value Pilates for its intelligent sequencing and focus on form. I lov...
If you’re ready to take your practice into your own hands, this class is for you. Gently guided/self-guided flows focus on actively stretching your connective tissue along the meridians mapped by Chinese medicine. A sprinkling of acupressure is the cherry on top. This class is a container to give you space to connect to your own innate wisdom. We Zoom so I can see you (if you want), but follow your instincts: Do you want to play guitar right now? Bounce around and giggle instead? Cool! You’re on mute in your own private space--you do you! I offer guidance because it may help you stay committed and focused, but it’s for that purpose only. My only request: don’t hurt yourself, and don’t hurt others. All the rest is welcome. See you soon!