Experiential Plant Medicine: Whole Plant Nerve Nourishment


Sunday, October 2

2-4 PM

$40 ($30 PreSale before September 25)

Join wild-crafter and herbalist, Lindsay Kolasa, for a restoring experience that connects you with the abundance of plant medicine right outside your door.  Taste, sip, touch, and sniff your way through the handful of plant allies she has selected for the workshop. And, enjoy deep relaxation with a guided plant journey towards the end of your time together.

Lindsay will focus on local plants that offer their gifts in buffering the nervous system, calming the nervous system, and even repairing the nervous system.  She has chosen this particular grouping of plants to assist you with the demands of these modern times.


Local plant medicine is often overlooked as a means to remedy ailments even though plant relationships were once the cornerstone to human survival.  We literally would not be here without them.  Our DNA is hardwired to respond to the plant compounds that we have evolved with. 

Not too long ago, herbalists were regarded as quaint, as well as the plant medicines they utilized.  Now, through modern research, scientists are uncovering the complexity and astonishing brilliance of plant medicine.  They say about 40% of all pharmaceutical drugs are made from plants; many of them that have been used for hundreds of years.  That is an obvious nod toward the traditional herbalists' use of observation in the field.

With so many neurological disorders emerging in our society, plant medicines do have a role to play in effective treatments, whether used with or without pharmaceuticals.  Nervines or nervous system supporting herbs come in many shapes and sizes and quite a few can be harvested in your local area.  Many of them calm the nervous system while lowering inflammation and  even offer anti-microbial protection. Basically, an herb usually has multiple actions that work on leading the body back to homeostasis. 

It's for this reason, that this workshop was designed.  To provide a glimpse of what the plant world has to offer in a relaxing and supportive environment.


Lindsay Kolasa is an Herbalist, Traditional Food Ways Educator, Soul-worker, and Yoga Teacher with a background in non-profit management and social service work.  She was called to her path by a major health crisis in 2001 which required of her to embark on a healing journey.  Her work and her teachings are a distillation of what she has learned along the way.

Originally from New Orleans and Mississippi, she has since lived in Eastern Europe, San Francisco, and the Blue Ridge Mountains of western NC.  Each place offered up a unique set of teachers, botanical wonders, healing modalities, and traditional food ways.

As an herbalist, Lindsay’s main areas of focus are digestion, mental health, and trauma.  She has taught at large conferences, such as the Southeast Women’s Herb Conference, and for small groups, such as feisty garden clubs.

While on the plant path, she also ran an apothecary in the red, clay hills of eastern Mississippi, where her family stretches back 7 generations.  She now lives in Santa Barbara, CA.