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Elyse Grossman

I've always been physically active and was looking for something both challenging and grounding which is how I found my way into my first yoga class in Santa Cruz in 1995. I developed my personal study of yoga i...

Dynamic Vinyasa


at YOGA SOUP (28 PARKER WAY SANTA BARBARA, California 93101)

Vinyasa is a strong practice that builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength, and mental focus. The postures flow in a continuous sequence linked with careful attention to the breath and challenge your balance, energize your spirit and restore your soul. Mental clarity, self-awareness, concentration, and focus are just some of the positive benefits. Challenge your body, open your heart, connect to your breath and relax your mind. 

This class suits new students (who are injury-free) and seasoned practitioners alike since poses can be modified to fit each student. This class is intended for all levels. Although it may be strenuous, it is appropriate for beginners who are seeking active practice. It's always fine to rest in a child's pose if needed. Familiarity with sun salutations is helpful. Come prepared to sweat and to engage in a dynamic, all-around flow that demands your mental focus and challenges your stamina!