Carone Scott

I am a lifelong yoga student. I spent 15 years on the mat before teaching. It’s been 14 years teaching since then; it is my life path and devotion. Along the way I have collected certifications in Therapeutic Yog...

Candlelit Flow & Let Go


at YOGA SOUP (28 PARKER WAY SANTA BARBARA, California 93101)

This beginner to intermediate vinyasa class is gentle and steady-paced. 

Savor the sweetness as slow intuitive flow melts into a mandala of nourishing long holds in seated and reclining yin postures.  Explore the solid architecture that holds the flow, and dance in the fluidity of stillness.  Expand awareness of the subtle unfolding.  Nurture wonder at the blossoming as we linger at our edges. Untangle patterns of tension from the roots.  Holding both sthira (stability, strength) and sukha (ease, sweetness), let go into the wisdom within.  Welcome yourself home.

Music is played during this class.