Marie Thorne-Thomsen

Take a class with me and you will shift your self into an incredible space of inner wisdom, challenging asanas and heartfelt fun.  I draw from the traditional systems of yoga to shape each class and student.  My ...

Vinyasa Flow


at YOGA SOUP (28 PARKER WAY SANTA BARBARA, California 93101)

This intermediate vinyasa class is active and steady-paced.

Join Marie for a yogic journey through body, mind and soul. This class begins with a gentle drop in including guided meditation and restorative postures. As the mind quiets and breath is connected, we set our intentions and send them out with a few toning Om’s. From here the practice begins with guided challenging asanas, focus on alignment, adjustments and details of postures. Every student receives support to take their yoga to the next level- whether just beginning the journey or further on the path, you will enjoy a classic, educational, deep and spiritual experience. 

The room is warmed to no more than 78-80 degrees which allows the muscles to soften and open as your body moves, flows and heals through the practice.

Marie uses a few sun salutations to get everything moving and winds down with wonderful floor postures of every kind. She offers a long Savasana that incorporates deep relaxation techniques and guided healing visualizations for deep rest and rejuvenation.

"I look forward to practicing with you! Namaste" - Marie

Music is played during this class.