Become a Reiki Healer: Level 1 Training


Saturday, May 14

1-7:30 PM

$195 Level 1 Training
(Discounted rate of $395 if attending both Level 1 & 2)

***Space is limited to maintain a small group experience.  Sign up early to ensure your spot ***

The Level 1 Class & Attunement prepares you to utilize reiki for self-healing and healing others.  The class covers all the traditional level 1 Japanese healing techniques as taught by the Grandmasters of Reiki; Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, and Hawayo Takata.  Darren also draws upon 20 years of experience as a reiki master to provide you with valuable insights to make your reiki journey as fruitful as possible. Here is a breakdown of what you'll learn in this class: 

First Degree includes:
  • Introduction to reiki and Japanese Kanji 
  • History of reiki
  • How reiki heals 
  • Characteristics of Reiki 
  • Discussion of the Attunement process 
  • Guided meditation
  • Level 1 Attunement 
  • Gassho Meditation 
  • Self-Treatment hand positions and treatment 
  • Discussion of the 4 elements of a healing session 
  • Reiki treatment hand positions
  • Experience giving a full reiki treatment with guided instruction 
  • The 5 reiki precepts and practical tools to embody them on a daily basis  
  • Guidance for moving forward with a daily reiki practice and offering it to others
  • Certificate of Reiki I Completion in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage 

Training for Level 1 & 2 is available as a set. 
If attending both trainings, please purchase the "Reiki 1 & 2" ticket.