🔸 Auricular Acupuncture + 5 Elements Qi Gong

🔸 Auricular Acupuncture + 5 Elements Qi Gong



$27 Drop-In
*Student-Senior discounts available at the desk

Want to feel stronger, improve your immune system, experience less body pain, sleep better, improve digestion, feel more positive, relaxed and less stressed? If the answer is YES!! Join us for these low cost medical miracles that have stood the test of time over 3000 years!!

Once per week we will meet for some gentle Qi Gong followed by laying on our mats while Rachel gently places acupuncture needles in specific points at the outer edges of the ear. These points have been clinically proven to simulate and adjust our nervous system allowing for deep relaxation and deep healing.

We use Auricular (ear) Acupuncture to strengthen and relax our bodies and lighten our minds.

Acupuncture stimulates our nervous system to release chemicals into our muscles, spinal cord and brain which promote natural healing  physically and emotional well-being.

5 Elements Qi Gong is highly beneficial for overall health and well-being. We will briefly practice at the opening of class, combining movement, breath control, and mindfulness to harmonize the body's energy flow. This is to prepare the body, mind, and spirit to more fully receive the benefits of acupuncture.

Incorporating Acupuncture and 5 Elements Qi Gong into your routine can lead to a more Balanced, Vital, and Harmonious Life.

Please bring a mat and wear warm comfortable clothing.

Rachel Petkus L.Ac. (RYT 200hrs) believes she is here to awaken herself and others by supporting, loving, and inspiring people to realize and express their divine nature. She is a mother of two in a blended family of 7 humans, four dogs and five chickens!  Working 5 years as a Transformational Life Coach and over 30 years as a Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner. She has lived, studied, worked and taught all over the world and is passionate about people and planet. She is devoted to a life of service.