YOGA SHANTI GOLD: Marichyasana 2, Viloma 2 and Weaving of Opposites

YOGA SHANTI GOLD: Marichyasana 2, Viloma 2 and Weaving of Opposites

The western chair has created physical, psychological and emotional blockages. Instead of squatting and sitting in cross-legged position, like for most of the history and evolution of the human body, we sit slouching in our good-intentioned, well-designed chairs. Separated from the ground with our legs dangling and our spines collapsing, the feelings of isolation and separation are inevitable. Working with Marichyasana 2 helps us to regain some of our innate connectivity. Join us for the investigation.

You will be led through an asana practice with a sequence leading you to the  understanding of Marichyasana 2 (half squat, half lotus, forward bend and a bind). We will explore the energetics of Apana and Prana in both asana and pranayama. Viloma 2 (three part exhalation) will be taught as the perfect partner to this pose. Colleen and Rodney will discuss the weaving of opposites and answer questions. Participate in this discussion by submitting your questions by midnight on July 16th to [email protected] with "Gold Question" in the subject line of the email.

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About Yoga Shanti Gold:
Every third Sunday of the month YOU help select the topics for our Yoga Shanti Gold sessions; one philosophical pondering and a specific asana! Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee weave these into a 30-minute asana practice* followed by a 30-minute talk with Q & A session. Yoga Shanti Gold sessions take place over Zoom so that we can foster community with an up-close and personal vibe. Discourse will be generated by deeply harvested questions. Anyone can attend—there are no prerequisites besides a Beginner's Mind and a desire to explore yoga and it's core principles!  Participants are not required to participate in the asana portion or discussions; sitting, observing, and listening are equally welcome.


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