YOGA SHANTI GOLD: Approaching, Playing, Modifying and Understanding Arm Balances

YOGA SHANTI GOLD: Approaching, Playing, Modifying and Understanding Arm Balances

Maybe we should start by asking "Why Arm Balances?". Then we can progress to " what are the basic shapes and actions of them?". And then the question that might follow is "what emotions arise when attempting or succeeding in practicing these challenging asanas?". Come and join us in this provocative inquiry as we go through a sweet sequence of preparatory poses and modifications. Take the challenge, be inspired and get your game on.

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About Yoga Shanti Gold:
Usually (though not always*) on the third Sunday of the month YOU help select the topics for our Yoga Shanti Gold sessions; one philosophical pondering and a specific asana! Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee weave these into a 30-minute asana practice* followed by a 30-minute talk with Q & A session. Yoga Shanti Gold sessions take place over Zoom so that we can foster community with an up-close and personal vibe. The discourse will be generated by deeply harvested questions. Anyone can attend—there are no prerequisites besides a Beginner's Mind and a desire to explore yoga and its core principles! Participants are not required to participate in the asana portion or discussions; sitting, observing, and listening are equally welcome.

*Occasionally Yoga Shanti Gold happens on a different Sunday of the month due to scheduling conflicts.


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