Restorative Yoga


Ally Devi

I have found yoga to be a space to breathe and a door to the present moment. My classes focus on your inner self awareness, asking you to pause, breathe, feel and then to hold space for all that shows up without ...
This performance or session has ended.
We will wind down our evening and weeks with more gentle opening postures, finishing our practice with supported restorative shapes.
For props please gather:
bolster - pillows (2-3, firmer if possible), couch cushion, 2-3 blankets or towels tightly rolled up and then wrapped in another blanket or towel
blankets (2-3)
eye pillow - scarf, sock, hand towel
strap - belt, scarf, neck tie, towel, robe tie
blocks - large books (dictionary, phone book, etc.), water bottle, canned goods
sand bag - bag of rice or grains, unopened bags of sugar/flour/pancake mix