Prana Flow & Restore


Michelle Nayeli Bouvier

Michelle ‘Nayeli’ Bouvier is a Prana Vinyasa™ Yoga Teacher Trainer, Certified Yoga Therapist, Hoopdance pioneer, Advanced Certified AcroYoga Teacher, Thai Massage Practitioner, and dancer devoted to the art and s...
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Enjoy a luscious yoga flow focused on fluidity, lubricating the joints, and unwinding tension in body, mind and soul. Prana Flow is a gentler, rejuvenating version of Prana Vinyasa, with inspiration from somatics, mindfulness, and circular therapeutic movement. We'll melt rigidity and nourish ourselves inside and out. After melting away layers of rigidity, we will finish with 15 minutes of Restorative Yoga & deep relaxation from Yoga Nidra.