Heart of Meditation: Mindfulness + Evolution + Liberation

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Karen Macklin

Karen Macklin, E-RYT 500, is a senior yoga teacher and trainer, meditation instructor, and professional life coach certified with the International Coach Federation. Karen teaches yoga with an emphasis on deepeni...

Heart of Meditation: Mindfulness + Evolution + Liberation

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At its heart, yoga is more than a physical practice; it is a practice of inner exploration, evolution and liberation. But to truly understand what this means, we must go beyond the physical postures and explore the subtler philosophical and spiritual tenants of this ancient tradition, while also investigating how these teachings relate to our modern lives.
In this 2-day meditation workshop and mini-retreat, you'll learn:
• the roots and history of meditation practices from both Yogic and Buddhist perspectives
• the Four Pillars of Meditation (Concentration, Mindfulness, Compassion, and Surrender)
• techniques for daily mindfulness practices, including communication and eating
• what “evolution” means in a spiritual context, and why it’s an important part of practice

This weekend immersion is primarily dharma talks, meditation, and group discussion. Saturday will culminate in a yoga class that combines the principles being taught; the class is optional for general participants, but mandatory for Teacher Trainees. Sunday will culminate in a relaxation practice. No yoga or meditation experience is necessary for the weekend.

This course provides 10 hours for YGSF’s 300-Hour Program [10 Yoga Alliance® CEUs].

Karen Macklin, MA, E-RYT 500, PCC, is a yoga & meditation teacher, life coach, and writer. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for 18 years, and teaches both practices in the Bay Area and beyond. She is primarily influenced by seated meditation practices from the Buddhist (Theravāda) tradition, and physical practices from contemporary yoga traditions, including Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Shadow Yoga. She regularly sits silent in Vipassanā meditation retreats, studies Nonviolent Communication, and has written extensively about yoga and Eastern philosophy for various publications. She teaches with an emphasis on developing internal awareness, deepening concentration, and promoting self-inquiry and healing.