Balance Your Hormones with Ayurveda

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Sachi Doctor

I am an Ayurveda practitioner, health educator and founder of Elemental Alchemy, which offers personalized wellness services and self-care products to support those seeking a holistic approach to health. Imbued i...

Balance Your Hormones with Ayurveda

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Feeling tired? Overworked? Out of balance? Poor nutrition, stress, lack of exercise and various other lifestyle factors affect the body’s ability to maintain a delicate balance of hormones, eventually resulting in an imbalance that depletes mind & body. In this workshop you will learn how hormones respond to day-to-day habits and delve into simple diet tips and herbal recommendations, stress-management techniques, and natural relaxation tools to help you feel both rested and energetic at any age.

Date and time:
Sunday, August 1st, 2021 from 1-4PM

This course provides 3 Elective Contact Hours for YGSF’s 300 Hour Program [3 Yoga Alliance®CEUs].

Tuition is $65, or $55 if you enroll by July 18th, 2021.
YGSF Members receive 10% off the regular price of this workshop. Alumni receive 15% off the regular price of this workshop.

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