Open Hatha Yoga with Suzanne


at In-Studio (384 W Market St. Tiffin, 34 44883)

Suzanne Reinhart

Suzanne Reinhart has practiced yoga for 7 years. She received her 200 hour teacher training from Chuck Burmeister, at Yoga Chuck Health and Wellness. She has noticed a big improvement in overall health and less j...
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Give this class a try, if you have little or lots of yoga experience.  I will walk you through the poses. This will  be a mixed level class. If there is a pose too challenging for  you, make the necessary modifications and come out of the pose as needed.  

Suzanne enjoys a slower paced class, with time to hold poses and be mindful of your body. There is no rush from one pose to the next.

It's still a no-pain no-pain practice where you will easily test the stretch taking yourself further while staying safe and in control.

The poses will affect your whole body including tight hips and shoulders.
I'll emphasize developing mindful awareness in each asana with the emphasis on synchronizing the breath within each posture. 

Yoga will tone and strengthen muscles, while finishing the practice in a very relaxed state. Join me for a great yoga experience!