Chair Yoga at Allen Eiry


at Allen Eiry (28 Hopewell Ave Tiffin, 34 44883)

Suzanne Reinhart

Suzanne Reinhart has practiced yoga for 7 years. She received her 200 hour teacher training from Chuck Burmeister, at Yoga Chuck Health and Wellness. She has noticed a big improvement in overall health and less j...
A 50 min Yoga class that works the whole body primarily from a chair. A no-pain, no-pain Yoga Practice and you stay within your limits moving through poses in a safe and controlled manner. There are standing poses with the aid of a chair if needed. 
You will improve flexibility, strength, balance, increase body awareness, breathing, stress management, coordination, balance, circulation, and more.
This is your class and you do it your way. You can modify a pose, come out of a pose before I bring you out, or skip a pose. This class will be fun, educational, and beneficial for the whole body mentally and physically.