Hatha Level I


at In-Studio (384 W Market St. Tiffin, 34 44883)

Yoga Chuck

Hobbies: Yoga and cycling Married: Beautiful wife Carol since 1990 RYT 500 Hour 300 Hour Therapeutic Training Program Yin Yoga Certification UZIT Practitioner (Urban Zen Integrative Therapy) Reiki Master Been pra...
I'll walk you through a Yoga practice that works the whole body from head to toe including classic standing poses, back-bends, forward bends, twists, breathing, and meditation. This class helps to improve flexibility, mobility, strength, balance, improving circulation, respiration, and the digestive system and reducing back pain while improving posture. It can also help with anxiety and stress. With continued practice, you will strengthen your foundation with more focus on alignment and balance as you incorporate the breath into your practice.
You should notice benefits you can take off the mat into your daily life for a better quality of life.