Yoga, Writing & Recovery: Introducting the Chakras ONLINE LIVESTREAM with Dana Walters


Dana Walters

Yoga is a system of practices and concepts which ground us in our inherent wholeness. My path:  The practice of Yoga is an evolving one, and my own experience with it has led me to a profound sense of inner pe...
Yoga, Writing & Recovery: Introducing the Chakras ONLINE LIVESTREAM with Dana Walters

$36 | pays for you
$48 | pay it forward supporter (helps pay a portion for someone else)

September 22, 2021, 6:00pm - 8:30 pm EDT

It’s often said that recovery from any addiction is an exercise in pattern-seeking. The chakra system offers a map for the human journey, where the territory is the body/mind continuum. Any recovery path may be enhanced by a compassionate exploration of this vital dimension of being. 

Yoga, Writing and Recovery: Introducing the Chakras will offer an overview of the chakra system and pair group writing exercises, meditation and accessible asana to help integrate the mind, the body and our desire for deep understanding of the patterns that may exist. 

No writing or Yoga experience is necessary- come as you are. 

Workshop will be recorded with confidentiality of all participants upheld.