Y12SR Friday Morning "Gratitude and Acceptance" Meeting with Derek


 Y12SR Friday Morning "Gratitude and Acceptance" Meeting with Derek

10:30 am EST


Suggested Donation:
$12.00 (If you're able )
$6.00 (can't keep what you have without giving it away)
$0 (you are always more important than your money)

Yoga of 12- Step Recovery combines discussion, asana, pranayama and meditation to explore addiction and recovery within the body/mind continuum.

It weaves together the wisdom of yoga and the practical tools of 12-step programs. It is a rich and powerful framework designed to inspire compassionate awareness, change and healing.

We meet weekly to use the tools and principles of the 12-step program and yoga to address the physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease of addiction.

About Derek:  

Derek was born and raised in Philadelphia,PA and struggled for over 15 years with severe substance abuse problems as well as many other mental health issues. Thanks to multiple 12 step communities, yoga, and his love for humanitarian work he has been able to make huge positive changes to his life,  and now is on an amazing journey and path of discovery in his recovery.
   From drugs like heroin , meth, and cigarettes to other substances such as food and pornography he has struggled with a large array of different addictions in the search of , what he calls " looking for solutions and love outside himself". Now in his sobriety he uses "love and consciousness" as his higher powers and is doing his best to cultivate daily habits and practices that focus on compassion and mindfulness.
    Derek has 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training In Kaula Tantra Yoga and a 200 hour certification in Multi-style Yoga. He currently lives and works at Tara Mandala Vajrayana Buddhist Retreat Center in Southwest Colorado and is the resident kitchen manager there. His deepest intent and passion is to fortify his current practices of gratitude, compassion, and faith in order to be of help to others.