Addiction Recovery Wisdom School (ARWS) with Nikki Myers: MODULE 4

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R. Nikki Myers

An accomplished speaker, teacher, and practitioner, Nikki Myers is an MBA, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Addictions Recovery Specialist, and Health Coach. Born from her personal strugg...

Addiction Recovery Wisdom School (ARWS) with Nikki Myers: MODULE 4

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Addiction Recovery Wisdom School (ARWS) with Nikki Myers

Session will be recorded and available for 30 days after they have been published
Healing from any and all addiction is possible.  
Addiction Recovery Wisdom School is a 4-month exploration focused on how we heal from any and all addictions.  ARWS uses the timeless teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda, new and exciting neuroscience-based information/techniques to transform the addictive mind, and psychotherapeutic & trauma healing methodologies to catalyze healing.  
ARWS is a program that centers understanding and application.  The deep insights and felt experience offered in ARWS are designed to strengthen any recovery-based work that you may already be doing or, serve as a first step in your healing journey.
This course is offered in 4 modules with each module comprising 4-weekly sessions. While each module is an independent offering, completing all 4 modules in sequence offers a deeper and lasting benefit.
In addition to a video introduction to the weekly focus and an inner task/wisdom question for contemplation,  weekly sessions includes 3 LIVE and ONLINE sessions held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.   
Each Monday session is lecture/discussion, Wednesday is an experiential practice, and Friday’s focus is sharing and processing the work of the week. 
One Friday session in each module will include a guest speaker to help us dig a little deeper to process our experience. Guest speakers will include Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Seane Corn, Rolf Gates, and Kathryn Templeton.
This program is suited for all people committed to recovery from substance or process addictions, those in recovery from eating disorders, yoga teachers, and anyone in the helping professions, including therapists, counselors, sponsors, or pastoral care.
  • Module 1(January 31- February 25):  The Anatomy of Sustainable Recovery 
  • Module 2(March 21-April 15):  Trauma, Cognitive and Somatic Healing - East & West Perspective 
  • Module 3(June 6-July 1):  Cultivation & Integration
  • Module 4(August 1-August 26):  Freedom for Active Addiction: Moving Into Wholeness

Session will be recorded and available for 30 days after it has been published
Investment:  $250.00 per module
                      $900.00 for complete series