THE HIP HELIX - The Innovate Series Class #16


Jill Miller

Jill Miller C-IAYT, YA-CEP, ERYT.  Fascia Expert, Author of The Roll Model, Co-founder of Tune Up Fitness. Jill is a movement pioneer. She brought functional movement into the yoga industry 15 years ago with he...
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Hip strength and mobility rank of utmost importance as our body ages and adapts. As a young hip replacement recipient, I consumed countless practices to prepare my hips for surgery and to foster repair post-operatively. This class is a treasure chest of practices that are helpful to your hips no matter what phase of build up or breakdown they’re in. Class includes: pelvic floor work, dynamic and isometric challenges, single leg work and of course, self-myofascial release.

Props used for this class: Coregeous Ball, YTU Therapy Balls, Therapy Ball PLUS, Blanket, 2 Blocks

LIVE Interactive Zoom Call for this Class (only with subscription):   
December 16; 10am PDT

After doing the THE HIP HELIX  class, we recommend you also do the following class from the Replay Library.

Like BUTTer: A Treat for Your Seat

This class accelerate concepts within the Hip Helix and challenges your hips in ways that build strength, mobility and resilience.

Now that you’ve addressed stiffness in the wrist and thumb, progress your happy hands towards this balance challenge. The class safely builds towards handstand and has adaptations for all levels. 

Your back, hips and shoulders will appreciate long held stretches in this class to complement the intensity of Another Brick in the Wall.

In the next phase of MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL, Jill leaves the confines of the 'rectangle cage' and  brings you into her creative lab where she picks one theme and alchemizes it to help you identify body blind spots. Each class is a whole-body session full of surprises and novel therapeutic approaches that address mobility, pain, strength and soft-tissue recovery. If you're hungering for something a little different, these sequences will interject some spice into your own practice and spark your own creativity.

Props increase our own spatial awareness. When we use objects, like props, they enlarge our feeling perception and how this felt sense extends into other substrates. Your nervous system functionally adapts its sense of feeling and size into the objects we connect with. By exploring our body’s field of influence and exfluence into different props, we solidify our own sensory-motor maps and better our coordination in every aspect of life.

One new class will be released every Thursday, over a 4 week period, followed by a LIVE Interactive Class with Jill on the 5th week based on your suggested area of focus!