30 Min Breath & Core Tune Up with Jill Miller

30 Min Breath & Core Tune Up with Jill Miller


This class whisks you into the potency of your inner medicine chest. It introduces a variety of breathing strategies that build a resilient inner-core while attuning your nervous system.

These 30 minute sessions compound a number of scientifically proven features to nestle you into a parasympathetic dominant state. This helps calm you down prior to a stressful emotional situation or performance, center and sharpen your focus as you enter the day, unwind you after a grueling workout or game, or hasten your sleep at night.

Breath & Core Tune Up uses a combination of breath, cardinal positions, soothing therapy ball rollouts and mindset tools to promote recovery, resiliency and neural flexibility.

Props used: Roll Model® Therapy Balls (but you can use tennis balls or your self-myofascial release tool of choice and a towel as a Coregeous Ball replacement)

Drop In Class Price:  $12
All Access Jill Miller Pass Membership:  $99/month

Class is lead by Jill Miller, creator of Yoga Tune Up and The Roll Model Method and co-founder of Tune Up Fitness

For product info visit www.tuneupfitness.com