Yoga & Sound Healing


at Newport Street Retreat (1195 Newport St Denver, CO 80207)

Tina Porter

Tina Porter is a nationally recognized Yoga and Meditation teacher located in Denver, CO. Tina focuses on the psychology of Yoga and integration of breath into every day life. She leads events and offers private ...
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Looking for a unique way to spend an evening? Get cozy and soak up some ME TIME. This is a cool DATE idea- Laying next to each other and connecting on a whole other level!

 Welcome to the power of Sacred Sound! 

Bring your pillows, blankets and mats to move, stretch and breathe before settling into a deep guided nap during which your body and soul will get lulled by the healing sounds of tibetan singing bowls, didgeridoos, chimes and more.. Gary Fishman has been offering gong baths in the Denver Metro area for over a decade. He has a variety of gemstones and crystals you can choose to put on your body to ignite various channels of energy.

Yoga & Sound Vibration are incredible ways to balance energy channels in the body. You'll feel rested, energized and completely aligned.