Transcend Module 4: Creativity & Expression

Tina Porter

at Newport Street Retreat (1195 Newport St Denver, CO 80207)


What better way to absorb the sweetness of this practice than to immerse yourself in a weekend away! Our home in the rockies will be close to the city, yet feel a world away when we hear the sound of music and dive into the art of expression! Welcome to Bhakti भक्ति Yoga,(the Yoga of Devotion). Friday night we’ll start with a ritualistic meal followed by an exploration of mantras (chants) and mudras (hand gestures). A deep meditation with Yoga Nidra (deep guided yogic sleep). Imagine creating a sacred space to gather your perspectives, your priorities, your purpose, your hopes and prayers and expressing them through art, movement, music and vibration. When we enter ritual space, we open ourselves to spiritual awakening, realizations and healing that far surpass the logical, linear mind in a classroom. Saturday will be a full day of Bhakti; receive a deeper understanding of sound healing and how the basic energy system of the body works while unlocking the 5th Chakra for purification and liberation. We’ll also enjoy a guided hike, journaling, and many more memorable experiences of conscious absorption! Taking a look at how the great Bhakti Yoga tradition offers a deeper dive into the Soul. Sunday we’ll return to the studio for a live Kirtan(devotional chanting concert): a non-denominational, simple and powerful way to meditate.

This Module will include: 
सधना Sadhana (ritual), yoga asana, meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), kriyas, chanting mantra, mudras, lecture and discussion

March 6-8, 2020
Friday, March 6, 5:30pm-Sunday, March 8, 12pm
This Module will take place over a weekend in the mountains. Carpool/Self-transportation. Location TBD / Within 2 hr drive. We’ll finish with a Potluck Dinner & Kirtan concert with family and friends in Denver.