Adriana Adelé

Through yoga, Adriana, she/they, holds space for intentional movement, deep rest, learning/unlearning, rediscovery of eternal divinity, and affirmation of our innate wholeness as individuals & in service of the c...

Slow Flow + Restore


at Three Queens Yoga (410 Monroe Street Philadelphia, PA 19147)

This class is a hybrid class that weaves together hatha yoga asana and restorative yoga to offer both movement and restoration to the physical and subtle layers of self. Read More...
The first portion of class involves intentional yoga asana and breath practice to bring intentional movement to the physical body and, in turn, energetic body. Movements in the mixed portion of class could include seated, standing, kneeling, and weight bearing on hands. A range of variations are offered to you can engage in a practice that is alignment with you. The second portion of class centers restorative yoga - floor based asanas supported by props with guided meditation and relaxation, pranayama, and yoga nidra.

Props are provided for in-studio classes, including blocks, bolsters, and blankets. This class is 75 minutes.  Each Slow Flow + Restore class is teacher-specific, and we encourage you to read teacher bios and try different classes to discover your favorite.