Alyssa Martin

Alyssa curates a safe space for self discovery, breath exploration, intentional movement, and ultimate self-awareness.  In her classes discover how the breath serves no boundaries.  Slow down and sink into this m...

Prenatal Yoga


at Three Queens Yoga (410 Monroe Street Philadelphia, PA 19147)

Join Alyssa for Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga classes that go beyond simply modifying yoga poses. Come be a part of a community, learn nuanced tips for birth prep and healing, and strive to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible by addressing any aches or pains in your body.

Each class includes poses that bring balance and alignment to the pelvis and pelvic floor, as well as strengthen and engage the supporting muscles. This encourages your baby into a more optimal birthing position, creates a deeper connection to your body and prepares you for a more functional, less complicated birth.

Pranayama (breathing techniques) will be used to discover coping skills. Explore safe, strong sensation in different yoga postures using your breath. This offers you the chance to learn boundaries, what coping skills you may gravitate toward, as well as how to use them when you are experiencing physical and mental discomfort (like in labor and early parenthood). This mindful exploration of yoga postures will leave you feeling more prepared for whatever lies ahead in your pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Feel empowered to continuously learn about pregnancy, the birth process and early parenthood in a very digestible, non-intimidating way.