Feel Within In Yin


at Three Queens Yoga (410 Monroe Street Philadelphia, PA 19147)

Yin Yoga is a practice where principles of traditional Chinese medicine are incorporated. This workshop will offer an introduction to Yin Yoga; an invitation to learn more about yourself through a different lens. Be prepared to hold asanas (yoga postures) for 3-5 minutes at a time in order to go beyond the muscle and give the breath access to the dense connective tissue and joints within. End your practice in restorative postures being held up by props.

Yin Yoga gives yourself permission to slow down, listen to the body and engage in the curiosity that stillness brings. The long held postures, static syncing and deep connection with the breath will invite you to soften and find ease. Come to the realization that there is nothing left to do but be exactly as you are feeling every inch of you spread out within.