Align With Source with Seane Corn

Align With Source with Seane Corn

The Seane Corn event is sold out. We do not anticipate any openings at this time. Please check Instagram Friday, as we will post openings there.

To Align With Source is to be fully human, with all our faults and graces, while also being in direct relationship with truth, love, and wisdom – the very essence of God.

It is through this alignment and the continual work we do to heal ourselves we come to know that all are connected, love is everything, liberation for ALL is a Divine right, and our singular purpose is to serve this world toward peace.

This is the deep spiritual work many are being called to at this time - when we are experiencing and witnessing great suffering and divisiveness.

Aligning with Source means we can show up and be purposefully present for this moment in our shared history. It helps us be grounded, steady, compassionate, purpose-filled, ready to act, and guided by the love that binds us all as One.

Join me for an inspirational yoga and transformational inner work class and take an embodied journey toward acquiring the healing tools necessary for spiritual unification, inner awareness, accountability, and a heart-centered commitment to creating a healthy, happy, peaceful, interdependent, kind, and more just world for ALL!

Let’s do our inner healing work, bind together in compassion, love each other into wholeness, and align ourselves with the power and infinite energy of Source. May this be our new normal going forward.

Cost: $75

Please Do Not Purchase Multiple Tickets. Only you will be registered for the event. One ticket per person, per transaction.  We are unable to register multiple guests under one account.