WORKSHOP - Akashic Records Intro - FREE!


Nia Ostrand

Nia is an innate healer who has trained in a variety of healing arts over the years to increase her knowledge of healing and self-expansion. With a compassionate heart, she endeavors to guide her students back in...

Akashic Records Intro Workshop - FREE!

The Akashic Records are a vibrational record of your soul’s journey through all space, time, and dimensions. It is a record of every moment of your existence, and of all your possibilities. The records offer a profound healing energy and unconditional love from our guides, angels, loved ones and source. The records are an access point to the All, to the Oneness, and to the Mysteries.

During this introduction you will get to experience the Akashic Records first hand through a group reading and energy healing. Nia will also explain how this modality works, different ways the records are offered, and you may even be picked for an individual reading demonstration. You will learn some ways to communicate with your guides on your own and also how you can become a channel for the unconditional love and wisdom of the akashic records for yourself and others.

Join us for a night of healing and expansion!