Sound Healing Training Level 2: Sound Massage


at DEN Studio City (12323 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA 91604)

Micah Sheiner

Micah Sheiner is a vibrational artist/healer.  He travels extensively to learn from musical and sound healing traditions around the world.  In Nepal he trains in Himalayan sound healing with singing bowls, gongs,...

Sound Healing Training

Level 2: Sound Massage
October 17th | 1pm - 6pm | $225

(registration limited to 10 participants)

In this training, we will explore the healing power of vibration through the art of sound massage. This is a hands-on immersion offering practical ways to activate and relate with singing bowls as massage tools. We will learn experientially from both facilitating and receiving various healing processes. Our practice will be rooted in Himalayan technique as well as intuition and creativity.

Our topics include:
* sound healing principles
* bowl playing techniques (review)
* intuitive flow
* placement of bowls on & around the body
* sound massage techniques and sequences
* how to facilitate a sound healing session

These days sound healing is on the rise. More and more people are recognizing that ‘sound is medicine.’ We all know that the music we love makes us feel good. Sound healing makes it possible to intentionally apply vibration for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual thriving. 

Singing bowls are remarkable tools of transformation that can be used for tuning and activating our energy systems. Their simple design allows for intuitive playing by anyone open to their vast potential. Bowls also complement most healing modalities (including reiki & massage), and enhance meditative and yogic practices. They serve as an excellent entrance into the healing and contemplative arts, and inspire further deepening.

Sound healing potentials of singing bowls include:
* Restore natural biorhythms (breathing, circulation, sleep cycles)
* Resolve long-standing blockages (mental, emotional, physical)
* Deepen relaxation for pain relief in muscles, joints, & bones
* Relieve mental stress
* Tone and balance the energy body field
* Soothe and strengthen the nervous system
* Enhance meditative and yogic practices
* Bring insight, clarity, and focus regarding life purpose

Micah Sheiner is a vibrational artist/healer. He travels extensively to learn from musical and sound healing traditions around the world. In Nepal he has trained in Himalayan sound healing with singing bowls, gongs, & bells.  In Europe he has apprenticed in gong playing, gong yoga, and Starhenge World Peace Bell Gardens with Don Conreaux.  With inspiration from India, he has dedicated much of his path to Nada Yoga.  He explores and teaches sound through bowls, gongs, voice, didgeridoo, and a variety of percussion instruments from the Americas.  He weaves these into resonant soundscapes for healing, meditation, yoga, and journeying.  Micah conducts sound baths, workshops, individual sessions, and performances in California and internationally.

Do I need to bring bowls to the training? 
We will have several bowls from Nepal and India to practice with (7-metal alloy, made on the Full Moon, chakra-tuned!)  Your bowls are also welcome to join us in the sound field.

Do I need any experience with sound healing or singing bowls to join?
Everyone is welcome to attend! The practices are very intuitive and accessible.  Any level of experience you bring will enrich our container - whether it's the openness of “beginner’s mind” or your insights from previous training and practice.