Reiki Intro + Share with Nia Ostrand


Nia Ostrand

Nia is an innate healer who has trained in a variety of healing arts over the years to increase her knowledge of healing and self-expansion. With a compassionate heart, she endeavors to guide her students back in...
For those who are interested in learning more about the incredible healing energy of Reiki or if you're attuned and would like a space to practice, learn, and grow with other Reiki practitioners - please join us for this interactive monthly experience with Nia!

We will start with an opening Reiki meditation. Then those already attuned to Reiki will break off into pairs or groups and take turns receiving and offering Reiki in their own private zoom rooms. 

Those newer to Reiki will stay with Nia to receive a Reiki healing treatment and learn more about how this energy works. There will also be time for intention setting, questions, and a closing gratitude circle.

Come learn, share, expand, and help to spread the light of Reiki across our world!