Intuitive Healing Certification Level 2 - LIVE - April


Kathryn Schiff

Kathryn Schiff is an Energy Healer, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Minister, and Intuitive Teacher. She trained at the Center For Inner Truth in Santa Fe, NM. Kathryn practices a unique method that psychically looks a cl...
Join Kathryn Schiff for her Intuitive Healing Level 2 Certification! Deepen your reading skills, learn new ways of running your energy, and experience personal growth through this certification!

What you learn
  • You will learn a new way of running energy. We continue to read energy and learn advanced healing techniques. This takes you to a deeper level of crown chakra seniority and knowing.
  • Besides working on your reading ability, this Intuitive Healing Advanced Training emphasizes personal growth

What you experience
  • Creative Rings & Personal Power© -  A new way of running energy, The Eighth Chakra – The higher self and how to use it, Report Stations©, Anchor Points & the Silver Cord©, Core Pictures, The Genetic Entity©, Parent/Child /Adult - Which one are you being?
  • Past Life Symbols, the Past life Aura©, Exploring Your Karma©, Memory banks© & Repairing the Brain, Remote Viewing, Male–Female Communication, Kundalini,
  • Setting the Energy for a Room or Situation, Intro to Trance Mediumship, Advanced Healing Techniques, Assisting Someone in Dying

How it works
  • Includes (12) live stream classes with renown clairvoyant Kathryn Schiff
  • Class meets every Tuesday for 12 weeks @ 5:00pm - 7:00pm (PST)
  • Pricing Options:
    • One-time payment of $1,300
    • (3) monthly payments of $500 ($1,500 total)
  • Prerequisite: Kathryn Schiff's Basic Intuitive Healing Course

**CERTIFICATION REFUND POLICY: If cancellation occurs 2-6 weeks before the program begins, there will be a 25% cancellation fee. If cancellation occurs within 2 weeks before the program begins, no refunds will be given.