(CANCELED) Yoga Teacher Training


at Temescal (4689 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA 94609)

For many of us, the desire to continue learning about yoga and deepening our practice is strong. We see how we are happier, stronger, and more resilient as the direct result of our practice. Many of us even go so far as to say yoga saved our lives. We practice, the results are obvious, but we still have questions that aren’t answered in our regular yoga classes.

Questions like: Why is yoga so effective at improving physical and emotional well-being? What can I do to deepen my practice beyond yoga poses and studio classes? What is the history of yoga? What are the philosophical underpinnings? How do I practice safely and effectively? What do I need to understand about movement and anatomy so that I can develop a deeper understanding of my body? If I want to teach yoga, what are the best practices and how do I get started? When I share this practice with others, how do I best create an inclusive, trauma-informed, and body-positive experience for my students?

If you have wondered these things or you find the questions compelling, then yoga teacher training might be the next logical step.

Proof of vaccination required for all in-person classes and events.