The Release Workshop: Roll Into The New Year


at Syracuse Studio - Dietz Lofts (225 Wilkinson Street
Building Suite 102 Syracuse, NY 13204)

Release and melt your muscles as you connect deeper to your own body!

Explore your asana practice in a new way by addressing the issues in your tissues. Using various techniques of Self Myofascial Release, we'll flush out the lingering effects of 2020 and find more mobility in our bodies. 

*Benefits of SMR:
-Correct muscle imbalances
-Improve joint range of motion
-Relieve muscle soreness and joint stress
-Improve neuromuscular efficiency

**PLEASE NOTE - this workshop is included in our annual membership program:
The SKY Path everything includes this workshop in person or via video call (zoom)
The SKY Path at hOMe includes this workshop via zoom

***RAD Rollers and other props will be used for the workshop. If you don't have the RAD Roller or Rounds you can purchase at a discount below. If not, just make sure you have some tennis balls and a sock or tape with you for the workshop.

If you would like to purchase any of the RAD system visit our store and use ROLL20 for a special 20% discount. In studio pick-up is available (email Erin at [email protected] to set up a time.)