Sunrise Empower Meditation & Yoga (vax required)


You will be asked to show proof of vaccination (physical card, photo, or the Excelsior Pass) when you check-in to the studio. The vaccination status will be recorded in your student profile for your convenience. The date of your second shot must be a full two weeks prior to your anticipated attendance. You are always free to continue to wear your masks as well!

If this practice does not feel right for you right now, or you have not been vaccinated, we have mixed classes as well as our livestreaming option.

In this imposed time of unprecedented pause, there is an opportunity to steep a little deeper in who we are and find our sense of empowerment. Can we become aware, find purpose, and land on the other side transformed for the better?

Practice will begin with a mindful meditation to help us notice the power of the mind to prepare us to move into a physical practice where we can focus on the power of the body. We’ll flow to open and then dive deeper into specific postures with purpose and intention. Class will conclude with a journey into deep relaxation to allow the practice to echo through every cell.