Erin O’Toole

I teach a yoga class that is inspired by my life-the people (and dogs) I surround myself with, the books I am reading or teaching, and the yoga classes and practices I’m drawn to at the time. I love to tell stori...

Soul Shine Yoga


at Syracuse Studio - Dietz Lofts (225 Wilkinson Street
Building Suite 102 Syracuse, NY 13204)

Check in rather than check out.  This class is devoted to creating more space through the experience of dynamic yet accessible yoga sequences.  What you do with the space your practice provides is entirely up to you and the possibility that you could build more resilience, boundaries, and head space is well worth it.  You could fall in love with life again or repeatedly, you could feel day to day movements becoming more pain-free, or you could come to your relationships with more authentic vibes.

Class begins with breath work and centering, then moves into warm ups, salutations and various postures that challenge balance, strength, and flexibility.  Class closes with an extended relaxation.  All levels are welcome; personal
inquiry is encouraged.

“When you can’t find the light, let your soul shine; it’s better than sunshine; it’s better than moonshine; damn sure better than rain”
~The Allman Brothers