Ciara Cunningham

Finding Balance is a critical element of my personal practice on and off the mat — exploring the dichotomy between active and passive, yin and yang, samadhi and samsara. You’ll see that attitude reflected in my t...

Resilience Flow


at Syracuse Studio - Dietz Lofts (225 Wilkinson Street
Building Suite 102 Syracuse, NY 13204)

"We need to learn to see our physical form as a river. Our body is not a static thing — it changes all the time. It is very important to see our physical form as something impermanent, as a river that is constantly changing. Every cell in our body is a drop of water in that river. Birth and death are happening continuously, in every moment of our daily life. We must live every moment with death and life present at the same time. Both death and life are happening at every instant in the river of our physical body. We should train ourselves in this vision of impermanence." —Thich Nhat Hahn

Our body's needs may shift with each passing day, and resilience is our ability to adapt in the face of adversity and find a way forward. Sometimes it's a challenge to accept the present version of ourselves, but inside us all is an ability to adjust and Choose Growth. Movement and mindfulness are tools we can use to support that journey.

Class will begin with a few yin-influenced, longer holds to target areas in the body prone to carrying chronic tension. We'll build up to a gentle vinyasa practice rich in foundational postures and functional movement, closing the practice with a restorative savasana. This 75 minute practice will incorporate music — and is suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.