Sunday Yoga Class ~ Deep Practice for All Levels (Zoom)


Marisa Toriggino

HOW I TEACH: In a Fusion Yoga Style that combines  Alignment, Slow Flow and Kundalini with deep relaxation and meditation. I have decades of experience teaching yoga, training teachers and developing my own yoga...
Marisa's Fusion Yoga style: Alignment + Slow Flow  + Kundalini with Deep Relaxation and Meditation. This class is LIVE and in Zoom style view, which means we can interact and see each other (or choose to keep your camera off). Everyone is welcome, new to class? let Marisa know in the chat box at the beginning of class. Modifications given for those that need it.

Sundays classes are deep and will help you really get to know Yoga and the benefits the practice offers!

Music? check out my Playlist on my IG page here:

Want to use some Essential Oil for class? I love this company ~ Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, California. They do mail order. Here is there website: