Micromovements in Dance and Language Workshop

Micromovements in Dance and Language Workshop

Microvements in Dance and Language Workshop 

with Megan Nicely
Sunday, April 7th 1:30-3:30pm
Tiered Pricing: $25-28-30
@ Shawl-Anderson Dance Center

How do bodies sense language, even when unspoken? How can dance artists use language to create new ways of thinking while moving? Drawing on the recently published Experimental Dance and the Somatics of Language: Thinking in Micromovement (Palgrave 2023), and ideas that inspired the book from postmodern dance, butoh, and the Alexander Technique, this workshop poses a series of explorations into the relation between dance and language. Together we will warm up our bodyminds, creatively explore language-body connections in solo and group forms, and share our findings. The 90-minute movement portion is followed by a 30-minute discussion of the book and content unearthed during the workshop. Some prior movement knowledge is helpful but not required. Suitable for all levels.

PC: Bob Morrison

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