Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Energizing Practice


Seane Corn

Welcome to REVOLUTION WITHIN, a holistic online experience to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness during this time of COVID 19, national unrest, and day to day life. I have been teaching yog...
This 60-minute practice will move more fluidly, connecting your movements with breath. Proper alignment and breathing techniques will be prioritized. I will begin each class with meditation and pranayama, followed by sun salutes A and B, standing poses, backbend, forward bend/hip openers, rest, meditation, and prayer. The class will be sequenced differently from week to week and designed to increase flexibility, mobility, strength, and regulation of the subtle energy bodies. 

This stimulating practice is optimal for energetic activation so you can approach your day with inspired motivation and improved mental clarity. I may choose to workshop various standing poses and inversions, so please have a block, strap, and blankets/bolster if possible. I will be practicing with you while simultaneously instructing, something I am usually not able to do when teaching publicly, making this embodied experience unique, intimate, and personal.