(CANCELED) Yoga & Easing Anxiety - A 6-week Series!


Joann Engelberth (she, her)

Joann (she, her) has been teaching Hatha Yoga and Yin yoga since 2017. She is a E-RYT® 200 hour, RYT® 500 hour, YACEP® Certified Hatha Yoga teacher. Joann’s classes will inspire you with deep teachings of yoga p...
Yoga and Easing Anxiety Series

This 6 week series is designed to provide you with tools and strategies known to provide ease to the anxious body/mind. You will learn what’s happening in your neurobiology when anxiety is on board and how yoga practices can support you, bringing you more ease, peace and well-being. We’ll look at the 5 koshas (layers or “sheaths” of being in yogic philosophy) and how to work with these layers of yourself to bring more relief to your experience. We’ll also explore the themes of Awareness, Mindfulness, Self Compassion, Self Care, Kula (Community), and Resilience in our practice to help us embody and connect more deeply to these heart virtues that bring ease to the anxious parts of ourselves.


About Joann: 

As Your Facilitator I know anxiety, and I know it well. Diagnosed with PTSD at age 19 and cPTSD at age 42, I’ve learned a lot about anxiety in the past few decades.

The past eight years of my life have been dedicated to my recovery for the benefit of myself, my family, my community, and all beings.

My yoga studies and trauma training have equipped me with a groundedness and freedom I thought I’d never experience. I am grateful to be in a position to share the knowledge and practices I’ve learned to heal myself with you.

I am honored to guide you in healing your anxiety.

Certified Yoga Educator

I have been teaching Hatha Yoga and Yin yoga since 2017. I’m a 500 E-RYT Certified Yoga teacher, and I also bring 20 years of Personal training experience, specializing in pre & post rehabilitative work, to my yoga instruction.

I Graduated UVM Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. 

I am a certified TREⓇ provider (Tension & Trauma Release Exercise) and I assist at TRE® provider Level 1&2 certification training program. I continue my trauma studies with the works of Stephen Porges, Peter Levine, Deb Dana, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Resmaa Menakem, David Berceli et. al.