Vigorous Flow


Becca Mitchell (she/her)

Becca (she/her) is a space holder, trust builder, and lifelong student. She was introduced to yoga as a young adult and found a sense of community through Sangha when she moved back to her hometown of Burlington ...
Vigorous Flow is an energetic, vibrant yoga class. Sequences are active and creative with an upbeat playlist to create an exciting atmosphere for your practice. This practice includes core work, sun salutations, standing postures and an all-around full body experience. Expect to leave feeling energized and a little sweaty!

Everyone is welcome in this class, some yoga experience encouraged. This class moves at a quick pace, so some prior yoga experience is helpful.


Not a member? All classes are donation-based. When you sign up, you’ll see the option to ‘choose your own donation’. At Sangha Studio, one of our core values is accessibility. This includes financial accessibility. We want everyone to practice yoga no matter what! Our suggested donation is $10-$15, but always pay what works for you!

Ever wonder where your donation goes? Your donation helps to support:

  • Our mission in action through financially accessible pricing and ensuring that we always remain a donation-based studio where everyone is welcome
  • Specialized programs for specific populations like the LGBTQIA+ community, those affected by traumatic brain injuries and the accessible yoga community
  • Scholarship positions for studio memberships, workshops and trainings
  • Equitable teacher compensation
  • Administrative support

Thank you for taking class with us. We are SO glad you’re here :)