Jessica Williams (She/her)

Jessica is very excited to teach yoga to meet everyone’s needs. She promotes self confidence and self love.  Jessica wants her students to find comfort in their own skin. She strongly believes that if you can bre...

Tarot + Flow


Tarot + Flow is a yoga class for anyone who is ready to move, breathe, and be in your body exactly as it is! The teacher will pick a tarot card and apply its energies to the class. Class will start with a meditation and end with restorative poses and an affirmation to bring our time together full circle while incorporating the weekly tarot card. You're encouraged to move in a way that feels authentic to you, so join us to learn, move, and restore your body for the coming week!

  • If you're joining this offering from home, Jessica invites you to join 15 minutes early for an individual card reading!
  • If you're joining this offering from the studio, Jessica invites you to stay for 15-30 minutes after class for individual card readings + tea!