Santosha Flow


Emily Holt-Gosselin (she/her)

As an avid benchwarmer on every adolescent sports team, Emily (she/her) naturally had an aversion to physical exercise and viewed it mainly as punishment for many years. Upon discovering yoga, though, her percept...
This class focuses on cultivating contentment (Santosha) while holding space for inevitable challenge that emerges in life. This practice acknowledges the growth we want to pursue while cultivating appreciation for where we are now and what we currently have. Class will incorporate grounding, gentle breath work, and a moderately paced flow sequence.

All proceeds from class will benefit Feed Chittenden. Please consider bringing food &/or personal hygiene items to support our food drive! Suggested donations include: canned proteins, peanut butter, cereal & oatmeal, canned fruits, boxed meals, ready-to-eat kid-friendly snack foods, toiletry items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash), diapers, baby food & formula, & feminine hygiene products.